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David Preute born and raised in Reutlingen, Germany developed a special interest in the moving image at an early age. He visited a specialised high school with a focus on media production and started to shoot his first commercials and fictional shorts there. 

After his high school graduation he was accepted at the prestigious University of Television and Film Munich which produced graduates like Roland Emmerich, Bernd Eichinger, Caroline Link and others.

In 2019 he completed an additional diploma in directing at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Eversince returning to Germany he realised nummerous commercials, music videos, documentaries and has just released his first feature film ROGUE TRADER (81 min).

He is currently writing his debut project THE REPUBLIC (5 x 45 min) and is in pre-production for his next feature length film ENDSTATION (90 min). He is also directing commercials with Munich based production company IVORY PRODUCTIONS.

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