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(12 min)

Maside and Emine Ocak are among the founding members of the turkish group called "Saturday Mothers" founded in 1995. Their son and brother Hasan Ocak was arrested after the Gazi riots and found dead 58 days later. Twenty-three years after his death, the two are still fighting for justice, reminding everyone about those who went missing in police custody.

Official Selection at the DOK.fest Munich 2019



(12 min)

Istanbul is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Not only do millions of tourists fly to the Bosphorus every year - a large part of the turkish rural population settles in the city with the dream of a job. In the meantime the former mayor and current turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pursuing his own plans for the megacity.

Official Selection at the DOK.fest Munich 2019



(25 min)

Friends turn into enemies. Julian Assange and his german colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg publish secret US military documents on their previously unknown website "WikiLeaks" in 2010. Assange immediately becomes an international media pop star, while Domscheit-Berg is increasingly concerned about the technical infrastructure of the website. As a result there are discussions between the two about the future of the platform. Years after his departure, Daniel Domscheit-Berg speaks about his breakup with Assange, as well as the rise and fall of WikiLeaks.

Official Selection at the LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK 2019



(25 min)

10 years after the fatal crash of the real estate market in Spain. The mostly british community in Murcia deals very differently with the resulting problem of a housing slump. Some play golf like nothing has ever happened and some try to understand the international investement system behind it all. Meanwhile the spanish population has to deal with the situation as it is till this day.

Official Shortlist at the Guangzhou Filmfestival 2018



(15 min)

To overcome the nostalgia about his former hometown New Orleans the american Folk songwriter Jordan Prince writes a concept album with which he pays respect to all his former friends and influences from Louisianna. The album contains everything from broken love to longtime friends and shows how Jordan became the person he is today. The movie documents the writing process of one of these songs about Jordans former band colleague George Elizondo.

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